Xander is so very handsome 

So, this just happened.

Conapitating Vallhunds

If a bunch of corgis are running towards you, are you at risk of a “stumpede”?


Daisy and her arch nemesis Mr. Hedgehog.

Riley on Swan patrol on our row

"Cuddle meee!"

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Just my sleepy Bristol. :)

To watch more: http://www.youtube.com/user/bristolthecorgi/videos

she’s so proud of her nasty ball

Just my sleepy Bristol. :)

To watch more: http://www.youtube.com/user/bristolthecorgi/videos

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    I CANNOT wait to go home and wake up to these two gremlins! I miss my corgs more then anything! 

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  • This derp insisted on having his own blog too!

    Follow Jasper here: jasper-the-cardi.tumblr.com

    Beddy at the playground.

    Getting ready to slide!  Beddy finally has the kids playground all to herself!

    I’m wondering what all the barking is about, and I walk in to this… He just wants her approval.

    don’t ask why anyone would carpet a bathroom…